About Us

For more than a quarter of a century, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) was recognized as a football powerhouse among Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Known as the UMES Hawks, over 30 alumni have played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League, with several inducted into the Collegiate and Pro Football Halls of Fame. Including Art Shell, Emerson Boozer, Roger Brown, and Johnny Sample.

What is Our Goal?

Football is our Goal; Academics is the Mold. For the next ten years, the goals of Hawks for Football, Inc. will include collaborating with our alma mater and community to rebrand our alma mater persona. Additionally, our deliverables and outcomes address creating a new pathway for increasing student enrollment and retention Collaborating with corporate, business, and government leaders to expand their presence on campus. Finally, we look to help develop a sustainable model that focuses on increasing alums and friends donating for supporting and promoting programs of excellence in academics and athletics and engaging students in our legacy tradition and, alternately, the reinstatement of the football program at UMES.

  • unique opportunity to bring awareness of the most pressing issues for UMES
  • how to increase UMES at the State, Country, and Global levels
  • Recognize Alumni and Friends for their contribution on and off campus
  • engage in educational and outcome-driven workshops

Sponsorship Opportunities

The "OUR LEGACY IS OUR FUTURE" Conference provides several opportunities for partnership in our email marketing, digital signage, Website, and onsite programming and events.

Your generous support of our 2023 Hawks for Football nationally promoted Events is an investment in UMES students and our HFF special projects.